Efficient sewage treatment solutions for the challenges faced by the plants

Possessing clean water seems to be one of the most significant resources for people around the world. Practical solutions for wastewater treatment plants are an absolute necessity. The reason is apparent; you receive clean and safe water for varying functions. Advanced technology has made its way The operational efficiency plays a vital role in the […]

Slaughterhouse effluent- New Challenges

Do you know the slaughterhouse wastewater can be the most toxic to the environment? Centralized abattoir facilities are on rise in worldwide consciousness of toxicity, health effects of poor slaughtering and preservation practices. Further modern abattoir facilities provide lowest pain during the process. The slaughterhouse wastewater fall under the category of agricultural and food industries.[…..]

Membrane Reactor Cleaning and Protection

The wastewater treatment plants have undergone a huge transformation over the years. The traditional methods are no more in use. Newer technologies and process have become the norm. MBR is one such popular process. Maintaining MBR with longer intervals of cleaning and avoiding the permanent blocks are the tricks of the trade. GWTS offers a[…..]

Contribution towards climate change control

Question of climate change loom around the globe and all are looking for ways and means to curb the same. Macro and micro level planning and strategies and formed to reduce the emissions. Indirectly the means of energy savings are seriously sought. Chillers, Boilers and Cooling towers consume 40% of the heat requirements in commercial[…..]