Efficient sewage treatment solutions for the challenges faced by the plants

Efficient sewage treatment solutions for the challenges faced by the plants Possessing clean water seems to be one of the most significant resources for people around the world. Practical solutions for wastew

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Slaughterhouse effluent- New Challenges

Slaughterhouse effluent- New Challenges  Do you know the slaughterhouse wastewater can be the most toxic to the environment? Centralized abattoir facilities are on rise in worldwide consciousness of toxic

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Membrane Reactor Cleaning and Protection

MBR Operational Excellence Program The wastewater treatment plants have undergone a huge transformation over the years. The traditional methods are no more in use. Newer technologies and process have become th

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Contribution towards climate change control

Question of climate change loom around the globe and all are looking for ways and means to curb the same. Macro and micro level planning and strategies and formed to reduce the emissions. Indirectly the means o

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Energy and Water savings-Chemical Treatment plays important Role

Till very recent times, the discussions on saving water and energy were befalling discretely. We all know the importance of saving energy, and that of saving water but could have never imagined a link between t

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