membrane bioreactor

MBR Design Challenges

The membrane bioreactor plants offer a plethora of advantages. Hence, it is widely used instead of the traditional activated sludge process. Design of MBR plants are complex, a careful pre- treatment design will help in optimizing the operations, extending the life of the membrane and assuring the quality of permeate during the life cycle. The […]

Green WTS, unveiled its first operational office in India.

Green Water Treatment Solutions, unveiled its first operational office in Mangalapuram, India. Along with the inauguration of the first centre the company has also started a sales outlet of its Water Treatment Chemicals and Plants. Green WTS first flagship store in India, which will also house the brand’s sales operations, is a sharp after sales[…..]

Bromine Tablet for Swimming Pool Treatment after UAE RSB Regulations

Bromine tablets are ideal for dosing in your swimming pool or spa, to produce bromine which kills bacteria and other potentially harmful organisms. These tablets are slow dissolving and have minimal impact on pH variations when compared with chlorine which loses efficiency over pH of 7.5. Bromine combines with bacteria in pool water to neutralize it[…..]

Cooling Tower Cleaning using Foam based chemicals for Legionella Control

A regular cooling tower water treatment can bring control on the outbreak of the Legionella bacteriaA respiratory infection can be really hazardous for your health. It can lead to your death as well. Make sure that proper cooling tower water is treated to eliminate the bacteria. Foam based chemical cleaning is considered the most effective.[…..]